Thank You For Visiting The Bedsore Institute

If you are visiting the Bedsore Institute, it is likely that someone you know has developed and suffer from bedsores. The simple fact is that elderly, bedridden patients are susceptible to decubitus ulcers. If someone you know developed a bedsore in the hospital, check state regulations to see if the proper steps were taken to avoid painful pressure sores. If you think a loved one’s bedsore is a result of neglect, please click here and get more information now >>

If you are the primary caregiver for a parent or family member, this site provides many helpful strategies to avoid bed sores from developing, links to government information, prevention strategies, risk factors, treatment, possible complications and more. Also be sure to know your rights and state regulations if you think your family member is suffering from nursing home or hospital neglect.

The following may indicate that a bedsore developed or progressed due to neglect:

  1. Patient wasn’t attended to correctly
  2. Patients who spend a lot of time in a bed or wheelchair should be turned or re-positioned regularly
  3. Cushioning devices were not used to cushion bony areas
  4. Patient was not bathed correctly
  5. Patient was not provided adequate liquids
  6. Staff failed to monitor and promptly notify doctor of infection
  7. Staff failed to notify doctor when a bedsore first developed
What You Should Know About Bedsores Resulting From Nursing Home Neglect >>