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New scanner technology brings help to those suffering from bedsores

New technology helps identify bedsores early Actor Christopher Reeve died of complications from a bedsore, or pressure ulcer, in 2004, and hundreds of thousands of people have died similar deaths since then. Now a sub-epidermal moisture, or SEM, scanner that can detect bedsores before they’re visible is in trials here in the US and some of its technology came from ...

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Bed Sores: 8 Things Caregivers Should Absolutely Know

Caregivers have a lot to worry about, but one thing that should stay on top of their list is bedsores. Bedsores (or pressure injuries) that aren’t properly prevented or treated are responsible for 60,000 deaths each year, and per a recent report, that number is growing at an alarming rate: a 63 percent increase in the past decade alone. Here’s ...

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