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Bedsores and Neglect

Most bed sores can be prevented. Each caregiver should develop an individual plan of care which will best assure the patient will not unnecessarily suffer from a pressure ulcer. The following generally represent some of the precautions which healthcare providers should, but too often fail to undertake:

1. A thorough assessment, and frequent reassessment, must be made of the patient’s risk for developing a bed sore;

2. The patient should be bathed frequently and thoroughly;

3. The patient’s incontinence should be treated to assure that the moisture on the skin does not contribute to the development of a pressure sore;

4. Appropriate nutrition and hydration must be maintained;

5. Repositioning of the patient should occur with a frequency to assure that the pressure is adequately relieved;

6. Use of appropriate support devices should be maintained to relieve pressure from troublesome areas;

7. Postural alignment, distribution of weight, balance and stability, and pressure relief should be considered when positioning people in chairs or wheelchairs;

If you feel your healthcare provider is not providing the proper care and attention to your loved one, and perhaps they are even suffering from neglect, click here for more information and legal resources >>